Do I need a fishing license?

The canoe fishing license authorizes you to fish with a rod, fly and spin and no more than two rods per canoe.
The license is valid in the fishing areas Södra Lelång, Norra Lelång, Foxen, Blomskog, Stora Le – Struven (note: this means just the part of the lake Stora Le east of lake Foxen), Östra and Västra Silen, Östervallskog, Järnsjö and the lakes Töck-Hurrsjöarna.

All salmon and trout species are protected from 1 September until the end of the year. The card is personal. It should be kept while you are fishing, and should be shown on request to a supervisor or owners of the fishing rights. Children under the age of 12 may fish without a fishing license but must be accompanied by an adult who has a valid fishing license.

The minimum size for salmon, trout and char is 60 cm. Canoe fishing licenses can be bought at tourist informations, canoe rentals and the local groceries ICA Optimisten in Gustavsfors and ICA Nära in Sillerud.

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