Do you recommend a canoe or kayak if we are beginners

In general, both our kayaks and canoes are well suited for beginners. What will suit you best depends on:

  1. Your general preference Canoes are been paddled with a single paddle, meaning you will paddle only on one side, while you can of course switch sides as often as you prefer. In a kayak you paddle with double paddle. This is in general a bit more efficient. Both canoe and kayak paddling technique are very easy to adapt even for beginners. Plus, you will get a short introduction from our team before you go on the water. A canoe can be more suitable if you want to do some fishing. A kayak on the other hand will be easier to handle in windy conditions. So, if you planning for a certain route and want to be more independent of the weather, a kayak might be the better choice.
  2. Your packing A canoe, in general, has more packing volume. For details on this we refer to the article
  3. Your paddling ambitions
  4. The people in your group

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