Rental Equipment

  • Are the 3-person canoes really suited for three people with packing?

    Our 3-person canoes do fit all necessary packing and food for a week trip. If you want to carry more then the absolute necessary equipment or you go for a longer period, we would recommend to either chose a C3-big or to combine a tandem canoe (C2) with a single kayak (K1) instead.
  • Can I paddle a tandem canoe by myself?

    We would advise not to do this. Please chose a single kayak instead. You will thank us later. 🙂
  • Do the kayaks have a rudder?

    Yes, all our rental kayaks do have a rudder.
  • Do you recommend a canoe or kayak if we are beginners

    In general, both our kayaks and canoes are well suited for beginners. What will suit you best depends on: Your general preference Canoes are been paddled with a single paddle, meaning you will paddle only on one side, while you can of course switch sides as often as you prefer. In a kayak you pa...
  • Do you recommend to add a canoe cart?

    It depends on the planned trip and how flexible you want to be. If your trip is longer than two or three days, we do recommend a boat cart in general. You can discuss your trip with us when you arrive at our rental station and add the boat cart if needed. Our boat carts are very lightweight and e...
  • How much experience do I need to have to paddle your canoes or kayaks?

    Our canoes and kayaks are stable and the equipment is easy and reliable to operate under normal weather conditions. You will get a good and clear introduction about how to handle the equipment and about safety regulations and routines for paddling.
  • How much packing do the canoes or kayaks fit?

    You will find some specifications and tips for packing the details of each available boat. In can calculate with these general numbers: K1 - ca 150 liter K2 - ca 350 liter C2 - ca 400 liter C3 - ca 250 liter C2 big - ca 500 liter C3 big - ca 350 liter The kayaks have two waterproof compartments ...