What is the nature card and do I need to purchase it?

There are over a hundred campsites with toilets, wood, wind shelters and waste handling facilities in the Dalsland Nordmarken lake system. The campsites are located in scenic spots along canoe trails. You can stay overnight at a campsite in a cosy wind shelter. If you’re lucky, someone’s already made camp, the camp fire has already been lit with the pre-stocked wood, and you can share both the site and the experience with other guests.

The DANO Crew wardens work in the lake system to assist and inform visitors about the area, providing information on suitable tours, interesting places to visit, etc. They also notify visitors of restrictions, such as the bird protection areas and any fire bans. The wardens are additionally responsible for the maintenance and supervision of campsites. They check to make sure visitors have Nature Conservation Cards and are permitted to use the facilities.

Nature Conservation Cards pay for the expansion of campsites, maintenance, wood, supervision, waste handling, nature conservation and compensation to landowners who have granted the use of their land for campsites.

The card costs SEK 80 per person and night.  Children under 12 use the service free of charge.

Purchasing a Nature Conservation Card does not mean that you have a reservation for a specific campsite in the lake system. It is not possible to reserve a campsite for yourself, and you may not prevent another canoeist from setting up camp on the site you are camping at.
Our nature is sensitive and to avoid damage, all groups of more than five people must use campsites at night.
Nature Conservation Cards that have not been used can not be refunded.

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