Can you recommend any routes for x-amount of days?

You will find some recommended trips here on our website. These are from our experience the routes that are most suitable if you want to avoid many portages or going forth and back on the same path. You can always extend these routes by going 'off the' route, which is possible in most cases.

A proper map always helps! We recommend the map Dalslands Kanal from our shop. It's available also at the rental station. But if you would like to plan i detail, we recommend ordering it before. The map shows all official camp spots, landmarks, waterways and locks.

If you are not sure how long you can paddle per day, then you can estimate 12 - 15 km per day with a canoe and 15 - 20 km per day with a kayak. If you are by yourself, you will most likely be at the upper end of that range. Larger groups tend to be at the lower end. If you are experienced, you will probably go longer (but then you will have some own experience to set the numbers).

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