At which times are the locks open and how do I pay?

In total there are 31 locks at 17 lock stations throughout the Dalslands Canal system. If you come during times the locks are served, you will have to pass though the locks with your boat. The price pre boat is 40 kr per lock chamber.

The fees for the locks are not included in the rental price. Lock fees are payable at the lock station you reach first, for the section you intend to travel. You can also buy a ticket for every single lock station you intend to pass. Fees to be paid by cash or Swish (only in Swedish currency). You may pay by card at Köpmannebro, Lennartsfors and Töcksfors (American Express not accepted). Please fins all payment information at the Dalslands Kanal web site.

Please find hours of operation for all locks at the Dalslands Kanal web site.

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