Do you offer transfer or transport of the equipment to an external start or ending point?

We do not offer transfer or equipment transport, as transfers with people are restricted to drivers with taxi license in Sweden and only transporting equipment (without passenger transport) demands a high level of logistics from both your and our side. You will find suggestions for trips reaching from one day up to two weeks here on our web site. If you want to be independent of pre planned routes, we recommend to add a canoe cart to your rental. Our carts are high quality and we have specific sizes for each type of boat.

For further explanations or questions about collection, please read the points below:

  1. We do not lend out canoe trailers as we cannot monitor their careful use. We need them, among other things, for the transportation of expensive racing kayaks and need to be able to rely on it to work flawlessly and safely at all times.
  2. We have no external transfer service providers to recommend. For passenger transport, a taxi license is always required, and there are no taxi companies that can transport canoes in Dalsland.
  3. If you want to transport the equipment yourself, it must be done in a way that is both roadworthy and safe for our equipment. This applies both to transport on car roofs and on trailers (e.g. no transport on gravel carts, where the kayaks lie back heavy on metal).
  4. Canoes must be returned on time, even if unexpected events occur (e.g. bad weather).

Mar 25, 2024

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