Where can I get help in case of an accident?

In case of an accident or other emergency, we strongly advice to take own measures and call 112 before you contact us. In case of an emergency will will try to help. But will not act as a supervisor or contact to the authorities. For general medical advice please call:

  • 1177 (from Swedish phone number)
    • 46 771 11 77 00 (from foreign phone number)

You can find fire guards (räddningstjänsten) and health centers (vårdcentral) at the following places:

  • Bengtsfors
  • Åmål
  • Årjäng
  • Dals Ed

Hospitals are to be found here (incl. distance from Bengtsfors):

  • Bäckefors (32 km)
  • Vänersborg (100 km)
  • Uddevalla (92 km)
  • Karlstad (110 km)

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